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hurricane hermine roof damage in Tallahassee, FL

The Unthinkable Happened to a Local Family Thanks to Hurricane Hermine

It’s not often a Tallahassee resident will have to completely replace their entire roof twice in the same year.


Unfortunately for Justin and Courtnie Wheeles, the unthinkable happened this year thanks to Hurricane Hermine.

lupine-lane-tree-damage-reroof (3)
Click on the image to learn more about how to properly dry in your roof on YouTube.

In July, a storm brought a small pine tree limb through the Wheeles’ roof on Lupine Lane.  The insurance adjuster came and informed them that they’d need to replace the roof.

Justin has known Wayne for years, and Justin’s dad, an insurance adjuster, can vouch for the quality of Apachee’s work.

Justin asked Wayne to get his guys started on the replacement. Wayne gave the estimate, the insurance company approved it a few days later, and the project started rolling.



Delia helped Courtnie pick the style and color of the roof through the swatches online, and they ultimately chose the GAF architectural shingle in weathered wood.


GAF weathered wood architectural shingle
GAF weathered wood architectural shingle

 The Apachee team started on a Friday and worked diligently through the weekend to keep the project moving efficiently, finishing on Monday.

lupine-lane-tree-damage-reroof (33)

lupine-lane-tree-damage-reroof (24)
lupine-lane-tree-damage-reroof (56)

lupine-lane-tree-damage-reroof (51)

Two weeks later, Hurricane Hermine decided to pay a visit while Justin and Courtnie were out of town.

While gone, the Wheeles received a call letting them know the rest of the tree had fallen on the house.

hurricane hermine roof damage in Tallahassee, FL




Hurricane Hermine roof damage photo Tallahassee, FL

Justin came back to work with the insurance adjuster for the second time and determine the plan of action. Because the roof is too steep to be tarped, Chad Swearigen, with SRT, has been helping dry out the home and coordinate the rebuild, based on recommendations from a structural engineer.

The Wheeles had planned to sell the home after the initial reroof, but now they’re going to rebuild and stay. Their second reroof will begin in a few months after they resolve the structural issues.  Justin and Courtnie are looking forward to working with Wayne and the Apachee team again!