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Q1: Do you offer free estimates? How do I request a quote?

A1: Apachee offers free estimates to anyone who calls our office or contacts us through the website. To create an estimate, our Vice President, Wayne J. McDaniel, visits the site for a visual inspection, which includes collecting measurements for the roof and determining whether there are any visual problems that need further inspection. These could include debris on a roof, visible leaks, etc. Once this information has been collected, we will provide an initial estimate free of charge.

Q2: How long has Apachee been in business?

A2: We have served this community since 1982, and we’re honored to be a top roofing choice for the Tallahassee area.

Q3: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A3: We offer a one-year warranty on repairs and a five-year warranty on roof replacements, also known as reroofs. We also offer an option to add an additional five years to your warranties for $500.

Q4: What services and products does Apachee offer?

A4: We offer services for both residential and commercial properties. We install metal and fiberglass shingles of all types, and we work on flat roofs as well as on steep slope roofing. We’re also “leak repair specialists” – we can repair just about anything!

Q5: What should I do if I see a dark spot on my ceiling?

A5: Don’t ignore it! That’s how it always starts. Once the water comes in, it’ll get the insulation wet, and eventually it will come through the drywall. Just because it’s not dripping,  call immediately before it gets worse!

Q6: What are some good recommendations for roof maintenance?

A6: Make sure you have debris (leaves, etc.) blown off; repair rodent damage, fix soft spots, and nails coming up; keep it clean; check for soft spots, and nails through shingles by having it inspected annually.

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