what to expect

 What to expect when you’re expecting an appointment with Apachee…  

What to expect when you’re expecting an appointment with Apachee…

Within the first 48 hours, Wayne J. McDaniel, Apachee’s Vice President of Sales, will call you to schedule an appointment.

For a repair, the homeowner or property owner must be present. Wayne’s going to take measurements inside the property and will conduct an inspection of your roof to determine possible solutions.

For a re-roof, the homeowner or property owner doesn’t need to be present. We can inspect the property from outside and can build our estimate from that information.

After our initial visit to the property for a re-roof, you can contact Delia Joyner, our Customer Service Manager, to schedule a follow-up appointment. That’s when we’ll go over our recommendations, the process and options for roof materials and colors.


Get to know our inspections team!

Wayne J. McDaniel

Vice President of Sales

Wayne J. started roofing with his father at age 15 and continued working on roofs through high school and college. He earned his degree in building construction at Tallahassee Community College and became a state certified roofing contractor in 2004. Wayne J. manages the estimates and sales representation for the company. He also works directly with the crews to ensure the work is on time and up to the company’s standards.


Delia Joyner

Customer Service Manager

Delia previously worked as the office manager at a well-established CPA firm and joined Apachee Roofing in May 2015. Delia is highly experienced in office management and customer relations.