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We are affiliated with the best organizations in the industry & continue to seek new certifications & memberships to keep us on TOP of our game. 



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About FRSA

FRSA was founded in 1922 to bring together contractors as well as businesses with related interests. They represent approximately 800 member businesses that are concerned with their own business activities, as well as the future of the construction industry in Florida.

The purpose of this association is to encourage a high standard of business ethics among its members and to inform the public of the importance of doing business with competent and ethical firms. FRSA encourages quality through education and recognition of competence.


About GAF

Since first founded in 1886 GAF has become North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. They pride themselves on their relentless pursuit of quality, industry-leading expertise, and comprehensive roofing solutions.

With nearly $3 billion in sales, multiple shingle and roofing awards, and over 130 years of experience, GAF can guarantee dependable service. When you are looking to protect the things you treasure the most, why turn to anyone else?



Before becoming nationally recognized in 1955, NAWIC started out as “Women in Construction of Fort Worth,Texas.” What started out as sixteen women working in the construction industry has now blossomed into a national association that provides its members with opportunities for professional development, education, networking, and much more. Their core purpose is simple yet very powerful, to enhance the success of women in the construction industry.

About Firestone

Firestone is determined to make your life easier. They make the process all about you, and approaching the job with a sharp focus on the results you need to achieve. The team at Firestone knows that the job that needs to get done is much more than supplying the products you need for your projects, it’s getting a complete solution. It’s getting exceptional building materials along with excellent service, support, warranty, and the expertise that you need.

In addition to their remarkable core values they are also constantly striving to develop eco-friendly products and processes. Their environmental mission is simple: to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations.

About Gulfcoast Supply and Manufacturing

In 1996 two brother-in-laws, John Sherrill and Jeff Reed, had a dream of owning a metal roofing business. Little did they know that with their hard work and dedication, the business they started in the backside of an old fish house would grow to become today’s household name for premium roofing.

So why choose GulfCoast? They have better engineering, with over 100 Wind-Tunnel tests their products have better testing and engineering than any other company selling Metal Roofing direct. Not to mention they have the best people, better warranties, full-service experience, and their colors fade less.